Download Accessibility-Checklist

As a web designer, you are facing new challenges every day. Content must be appealing and well-thought-out. It must attract users and encourage them to click. And in the very best case, it has to be accessible for every website visitor. Amongst them may be hearing impaired or visually impaired people, who often have problems with the available content. Accessible web design includes these visitors too and turns them into clients. With accessible web site, you are able to attract even more clients and call their attention to your products and services.

In our Accessibility Checklist for Designers, you will learn:

  • what to consider when forming a concept for accessible web sites

  • what to keep in mind when using colors and style elements

  • how to place text ideally

In addition, we have some hacks and tools for you, that our own designers make use of for conceptual design and implementation of accessible web sites.

Overcome the barriers and get started with accessible web design today!

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